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Tarifs camping

Camping rates

Camping rates

DE 14HOO A 12H00
From July 05
August 22
December 1
As of July 04
From August 23
As of October 14
Package without electricity
1 person 1 car
1 tent or
15.90€ 8.50€
Package without electricity
2 people 1 car
1 tent or caravan
19.50€ 12.50€
Package 4 amps
2 people 1 car
1 tent or caravan
Package 6 amps
2 people 1 car
1 tent or caravan
21.50€ 15.80€
Package 10 amps
2 people 1 car
1 tent or caravan
22.90€ 16.95€
Backpacker 10.00€ 8.20€
Additional adult 5.00€ 5.00€
Children under
10 years
3.70€ 3.50€
Additional tent 2.60€ 2.60€
Visitor 2.00€ 2.00€
Pets 2.00€ 1.50€
Garage Death monthly price from September to June-€ 60.00 + € 5.00 per day
per person + electricity
Camping car
stop draining
5.00€ 5.00€
4 amps 1.60€ 2.95€
6 Amps 2.50€ 3,30€
10 Amps 4.00€ 4,95€

Depending on the season, different camping rates are applicable. We apply low season rates as well as high season rates (from July 5 to August 22). From € 8.50 for a person without electricity. Spa and long stay package. Consult our price list on our site or contact us.


-5% on any stay of 20 nights or more from 05 July to 22 August.

-15% on all stays of 20 nights or more from August 23 to October 14.

Want to go green for your holidays, welcome to Le Pyrénéen campsite in Bagnères de Luchon the family campsite on a human scale.

Come and pitch your tent or install your caravan or even your camper. our campsites are of different sizes. In the shade, the sun to stream, which one to choose !!! You have the choice. With or without electricity (European electrical terminal 4.6, or 10 amps). can fridge rental reservation.


Two health centers available on the site. One at the entrance of camping with a baby area and a second pole with a private bathroom for the disabled. For your convenience there is a laundry room, and space for dishes.

Au choix différents modes de réservation. soit en nous contactant au 05 61 79 59 19 ou via notre site internet, ou bien alors la réservation en ligne. Différents modes de paiements acceptés, Carte Bancaire, Chèques, Chèques vacances ANCV ou bien Espèces. Le contrat de location des emplacements est téléchargeable sur notre site internet.

Cure thermale camping ou bien location de mobil-home. Cependant réservation conseillée pendant les vacances. Notamment en juillet ou bien en aout. Alors n’hésiter pas à nous téléphoner au 05 61 79 59 19. En outre il y a la réservation en ligne.

Therefore think about your stay at the campsite pyreneen.