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Access to Le Pyrénéen Campsite

Plan d'accès

Access camping Pyrenean

Camping 31 - The Pyrenees - Luchon

GPS coordinates :




Plan d'accès

Divers Access of your choice to Le Pyrénéen Campsite in Bagnères de Luchon

By car :

A64 exit 17 Montrejeau and follow N125, D825, D125 and D27.

By plane :

Toulouse Blagnac
Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées
Pau Pyrénées

En train :

Stop in Montrejeau (35km) then bus shuttle service to the station Luchon.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us on 05 61 79 59 19 for any further information.

welcome to camping Pyrenees in Bagnères de Luchon.

Camping Pyrenees

Wood side street, 31110 Salles-et-Pratviel

Such. : 05 61 79 59 19 or 06 30 82 43 15

Map, then to choose your route

First of several means of transport. Optionally, car, train or plane. Also easy access to the Pyrenean campsite. Also we can help you when you arrive on Luchon. Also a phone call at 0561795919 or 0630824315.

However you can also use your GPS to get to the campsite street timbered 31110 MEETING PRATVIEL, BAGNERES DE LUCHON.

THE PYRENEEN camping conveniently located near Luchon center and also a beautiful view at the foot of the mountains.

During the winter season the roads are clear road access is facilitated. In addition there is the shuttle from the campsite, or to go to the spa for your spa or to the gondola for skiing or when the Snow.

Whatever your means of locomotion you can fully enjoy the various activities offered at the heart of our luchonnaise area, so do not hesitate.